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Vishnu Temple Press, in collaboration with editor Rick Kempa, is seeking well-crafted essays for an anthology that captures the experience of hiking in the Grand Canyon.

We are interested in writing that conveys the sights and sounds, the texture and spirit of that place, and the richness of your immersion.

We are open to all kinds of approaches, including writing that depicts:

• the sensory experience of a Canyon hike

• close encounters with flora and fauna, rock and water

• the specifics of particular places

• interactions with other humans, present or past

• adventures and discoveries

• physical and psychological challenges, and their surmounting

• new or renewed perspectives that arise from a Canyon immersion

No poetry or fiction please.

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2012.

Send one or more essays totaling no more than 6,000 words as an attachment file (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) to

Submissions may also be mailed to Rick Kempa, 504 Walnut St., Rock Springs, Wyoming, 82901.

Please include a cover letter that briefly describes your Canyon connection and other relevant biographical information, and that gives your email, mailing address, and phone. Indicate in your letter if the work you submitted has been previously published, and if so, where and when, and whether you retain the copyright.

Authors whose work is selected will be asked to sign a release form that guarantees manuscript availability. Authors retain original copyright.

Editor will work with individual writers as needed to shape promising pieces for publication.

Contributing authors will receive two copies of the book and may purchase additional copies at a 50% discount.

Please email with any questions.

Thank you in advance; we look forward to reading your work.

About the editor: Rick Kempa is a poet, essayist, and inveterate Canyon hiker. He teaches writing and philosophy at Western Wyoming College in Rock Springs, Wyoming. In August, 2010, he was artist-in-residence at the South Rim. His publications include a book of poems, “Keeping the Quiet” (Bellowing Ark Press: Shoreline, WA, 2008), a poetry broadside, “What the Canyon Teaches” (Littoral Press: Oakland, CA, 2011), and several Grand Canyon essays in journals and anthologies. He is co-editing with Peter Anderson an anthology of poems about the Grand Canyon.

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